Download Whatsapp for Jio Phone Link Online

Download Whatapp For Jio Phone

Hello guys You know how to use or install and download whatsapp for Jio phone online. Jio phones are considered to be one of the important achievements of Jio and it is also a big thing to be a whatsapp in it. Whatsapp is the main messenger service that connects everyone. If we talk about the present, most people have a Jio phone and this is the reason that officially launch of the Whatsapp in a Jio phone.

Whatsapp for Jio Phone

We can install or download Whatsapp for jio phone from Playstore app several times in another smart phones but the Whatsapp app can not be installed from the Jio Phone app. But do not take tension. We are going to share with you a way that you can run WhatsApp on your Jio phone by using the steps. From 15th August, 2018 you can book your new Jio phone 2 mobile online.

Jio Phone Whatsapp

Many people still want to make connections with their lovely family and friends using WhatsApp, but still people do not know how to use WhatsApp, how to download or install the Whatsapp for jio phone or Nokia Asha phone. This article is very helpful for jio phone whatsapp users and it is dedicated to such a reader.

Jio phone whatsapp download

How to Install Whatsapp for Jio Phone?

1. To install Whatsapp for Jio phone, go to your menu option search for browser and open the pre-installed browser in your phone.

2. Now, you have to open a Google search engine to find a simple query. After that, search for WhatsApp for Jio phone.

3. In the search results, you will find the search website in the first search result.

4. Open the website, which will help you use Whatsapp in Jio Mobile Phone.

5. Now the browsing website is loaded in your phone, scroll down, after which you will see many options like Windows 7 Explorer and all. You can see all the browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, after clicking the given option. And now you have to choose any browser between Google Chrome or Firefox according to your convenience.JIo phone whatsapp

6. You will now find a text box where you need to enter a

7. Now, after opening WhatsApp, you will see the official Whatsapp website with QR code which you have to zoom in or zoom. For this, you need press the “3” button in your Jio Phone.

8. After getting the QR code, you have to install your whatsapp in your smartphone. At the top right corner of Whatsapp, you will find 3 dots, and after clicking on that, you will see several options.

9. Now you have a multiple options such as new group, new broadcast, WhatsApp web, Starred messages, and settings, but you are asked to scan the QR code by clicking on the whatsapp Web.
10. After successfully scanning the QR code, your Jio phone will show all the WhatsApp messages from your WhatsApp.

11. You can easily access WhatsApp from anywhere in the Jio phone but, remember that your smartphone WhatsApp account must be online and linked with your Jio phone.

12. After completing the above process you are easily use your whatspp for jio phone.

Now you ever go out of the house or go to a place from which you can not access your smartphones, so you just need to connect Whatspace of your smartphone to the Jio phone with an active internet connection. After that you may be able to use that WhatsApp for Jio phone online. Check also new jio phone 2 registration, booking, price and more.

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